Hey Love,

thank you for being here...

I'm Farah Orths,

A trauma-informed Spiritual Business Coach, Quantum Money Mentor and Divine Feminine Leader for women.


Here’s the thing: My magik takes you to an embodied meeting of who you ALWAYS were – outside of the patriarchy, outside of all the parts of you that thought there was something wrong… There never was. There never will be. The immense light that you are is here right now – beating in you, waiting to be trusted.

I am here to be that mirror of ‘YOU CAN! GO BIGGER! YOU’RE SO BEYOND WORTHY OF IT ALL!’. So my love - Are you ready for the most LOVING, divinely held and soul activating self-deepening?

P.S. I’m a lil bit psychic so I will often SEE the most expansive vision your soul came here to be and guide you to say yes to the medicine woman that wants to come through you…


Spirit is aching to take you there

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